Santa Monica Swim Center Annual Maintenance Repairs

Annual Maintenance Closure

The Santa Monica Swim Center will be closed beginning Tuesday, December 19, 2017 and will re-open Monday, March 5th, 2018

Maintenance and repair items that we will be working on during this closure include:

1. Men’s and Women’s locker room repairs:

  • Repair damaged piping that has been leaking and repair concrete that is splitting due to tree roots that have found their way into our plumbing (the tree roots have been eliminated but now we need to repair the damage they caused).
  •  Repair piping in the wall between the locker rooms.
  •  Repairing the leaking shower drains in both locker rooms.
  •  Replacing all the tile.
  •  Change shower lightning in each locker room to LED lighting.
  •  Replacing shower, toilets, and urinals for more water efficient ones.
  •  Replace mixing valves and supply regulators.
  •  Paint all locker room walls after demolition.

2. Preventative maintenance on all pool pumps and equipment.

3. Hydro Jet all deck drains to clean them out and remove debris that is blocking some of the drains.

4. Replace broken tile around each pool.

Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!